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~Tara Clover~

I began practicing yoga in 2001 and immediately fell in love with the notion of staying healthy through strengthening and balancing both the mind and body. I was captivated! I began thoughtfully studying yoga and was motivated to share what I was learning and how my body and mind were in fact improving. In 2006 I became certified by a nationally recognized leader in the mind body fitness industry (YogaFit®). I have since expanded both my training within YogaFit® as well as studying many different styles of yoga, including; Bikram's (hot yoga), Ashtanga, and Iyengar. My primary form of teaching is inspired by the Hatha Yoga tradition and Vinyasa style of class.

I enjoy watching people grow healthier, stronger, and more aware of their bodies and minds. It is amazing to watch a person go from having to hold a wall to balance on one foot, to being able to stand for several minutes without a prop. Seeing people stand on their shoulders or heads for the first time in 20 years is inspiring on many levels. My journey as a Yogini has helped to add grace in my life. I am genuinely surprised by the changes I have discovered over the past 10 years. I appreciate the opportunity to share yoga with anyone (ask all my family and friends!). Being lucky enough to instruct yoga students is an indescribable twist to life.

Now a little more about what you might find at Twisted Tara's…

~Hatha Yoga~
"Hatha" means "forceful", implying that powerful work must be done to purify the body. Yoga means to yoke, or to join two things together, hence hatha yoga is meant to join together sun (masculine, active) energy with the moon (feminine, receptive) energy, thus producing balance and greater power in an individual.
"Vinyasa" is the linking of body movement with breath. Classes described as vinyasa flow synchronize the breath with a flowing sequence of postures.
"Asana" - a body position, typically associated with the practice of yoga intended primarily to restore and maintain a practitioner's well-being, improve the body's flexibility and vitality, and promote the ability to remain in seated meditation for extended periods. Asanas are widely known as Yoga postures or Yoga positions.

~The Benefits of Hatha yoga~
Yoga has both preventive and therapeutic benefits. It has proved to offer both physical and mental benefits to the body and the mind.
The Physical benefits are: it improves flexibility and muscle joint mobility; strengthens, tones, and builds muscles; corrects posture; strengthens the spine; eases back pain; improves muscular-skeletal conditions such as bad knees, tight shoulders and neck, swayback and scoliosis; increases stamina; creates balance and grace; stimulates the glands of the endocrine system; improves digestion and elimination; increases circulation; improves heart conditions; improves breathing disorders; boosts immune response; decreases cholesterol and blood sugar levels; and encourages weight loss.
The Mental benefits include: it increases body awareness; refreshes the body by relieving muscle strain; relaxes the mind and body; centers attention; sharpens concentration; relieves chronic stress patterns in the body; and frees the spirit.
Western doctors and scientists are discovering additional health benefits of hatha yoga. Studies have shown that it can relieve the symptoms of several common and potentially life-threatening illnesses; such as arthritis, arteriosclerosis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, AIDS, asthma and obesity. Many believe it even fends off the negative effects of growing old.

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